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Copy Cat Earth: "The Glugenal Suit"

By Angela Tempest

Enjoy this thrilling middle-grade, young YA space fantasy. Written in serial fashion, every chapter leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat. Will Kyle and Daisy’s sibling rivalry save, or destroy, the universe? 

Hope is for Always

In this book, artists, teachers, a breast cancer survivor, an amputee, a nurse, and several regular people turned health and life coaches share their rock bottoms and how they overcame through hope. “You have all the hope in the world right there inside you.” ~Chuck Tawney


A Whiff of Life and Death

This book by David Wilson-Burns is sure to engage your imagination, entertain your senses, tug at your heart strings, and leave you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face. David is gifted at character-driven stories, and you’ll no doubt finish this book a little in love with the very odd, very quirky Jim Bronson.


Raising Super C Kids

By Karen Papin

Discover tools used by Life Coach Karen Papin for “Embracing Confidence, Courage, Compassion, and Connection in Your Home.”

The Adustum Diaries

By Angela Tempest

A faithful record of the quest of Rhed Viridis. Enjoy this stand alone fantasy mystery with a hint of romance.

How to EAT Your Best Life

By Tawnee Saunders

Use food as a tool to find your hidden power, not only to get healthy, but to live your best life. CLICK HERE!

Emerging Truth

By Angela Tempest

A search for personal identity in a world that’s afraid of the truth. Begin an epic journey as a truth seeker.

Finding Greater Happiness Peace and Rest...

By Bethany Tolley

Find the power to love more fully in any relationship within your life by fueling your action with doctrine. CLICK HERE!

An Adventure for Ice Crystal

By Eden West

Join a very special arctic fox as she learns important lessons about life change and individuality. CLICK HERE!