Yesterday I had lunch with some amazing ladies. We talked about all of our various #truthspeaking endeavors and our goals. But one theme came through in our conversations: we bless the world better by raising others up than by competing with others.

The Shine Theory

The credit for this wording goes to my friend Jodi Lee Nicholes (@girlswhoshine and @jodileemusic on IG, But it is this, that we rise higher when we raise others up. It’s assuming abundance rather than scarcity. It’s reaching our goals by helping others reach theirs rather than competing for and trying to take success from others in order to create our own.

This “shine theory” is one of the values Kentstead Media is built upon. Our goal is that our authors grow by supporting each other, tackling events together, sharing their books with each other’s communities, doing book signings together, and working together in numerous ways to share truth through writing.

The Proof is in the Results

I’ve noticed that competing against others costs individual authors more money, creates animosity and defensiveness, inhibits sharing among readers (because they choose favorites), and serves only the immediate moment rather than the future.

On the other hand, working together and promoting each other saves collaborating authors money, increases their confidence individually and together, increases trust, promotes sharing among readers (because they are part of a community and don’t have to choose favorites), and serves the immediate moment as well as the future.


If you are an aspiring author that has a message, then you’ll find far more than a place to publish your book, here, at Kentstead Media. You’ll find a community that wants to raise you up.

If you are a reader, looking for consistently powerful books and authors to read, then here you’ll find more than anywhere else. Because here our authors promote each other and pass along the news when great books are available. You’ll always have a life-changing book to read!