I often get asked the question, “What is your publishing model?” And I think what people mean is, “How much do you charge authors to publish with you?” It’s hard to put Kentstead Media in a publishing category. We exist for different reasons than a lot of other publishers. Yes, we want to sell books, and yes we do need to make money, but only so we can pursue our mission.

It’s likely this process could change, but I think for the most part it is accurate for the current and foreseeable future. So, here’s how Kentstead Media publishes its authors.

  1. You submit.
  2. If you’re writing feels like it belongs with us, we accept.
  3. We estimate publishing costs for your book ($1,500 – $3,500 usually) and set an estimated retail price. We set an initial royalty (which you receive on book sales until your estimated publishing costs have been “paid for”) and a final royalty (which you receive after your publishing costs have been “paid for”).
  4. You sign a contract with us to publish your book for the estimated publishing cost and for an estimated retail price with a set initial royalty and a final royalty. You will not be in the dark about the finances.
  5. We shoulder ALL the upfront cost of all publishing and related costs. So, instead of an author advance, you start making initial royalties. So, currently we don’t do advances, but neither do we charge you to publish, and we also start paying your royalties immediately.
  6. You go through the publishing process with us:
    1. Social media coaching
    1. Content editing
    1. Copy editing
    1. Reviews
    1. Creating videos
    1. Creating artwork and graphics
    1. Creating basic marketing materials, and more…
  7. We publish your book and distribute it according to your choice (download our submissions PDF for more information!).
  8. You are added to our private author FB group where you can collaborate for marketing and PR with our other authors (abundance culture).
  9. You start promoting your book on your own and within our author community.
  10. We help you promote your book with our “abundance” culture and other tools built into the cost of publishing your book.
  11. You sell enough books to meet your estimated publishing costs (1,500 – 5,000 books). We up your royalty to your final royalty.

This is a brief outline of what publishing with us looks like.

Kentstead Media is a different kind of publishing company. We have very different submission guidelines (we tell you how to succeed with us and it’s very different than with any other publishing company) so go check them out! We are looking for very specific kinds of writers (#truthspeakers). We are small, we are young, but our future is bright and we’re going to change the publishing world for the better.

Note: I’m especially looking for truth-led fiction! If you write uplifting fiction stories packed with quotable quotes and uplifting scenes that teach truth, I look forward to receiving your submission!

Bethany Tolley

Owner, Kentstead Media