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I couldn’t say all the things I wanted to say to Daisy for a good long time. The spaceship went up forever and ever. Daisy passed out from the pressure. I nearly passed out. Then, at last, everything became upside down. I was staring out of the top dome of the spaceship down upon earth.

Daisy’s unconscious body floated off to my side and toward the floor of the ship which was now up over my head. I wasn’t floating up toward the floor because I had a death grip on the spaceship’s only chair—with both my legs and my arms. Slowly, I let go with one hand. I grabbed at Daisy as she floated about, trying to pull her toward me. Then, I really looked at my sister. She looked so strange. I pulled my hand back. She’ll be all right.

With Daze out like a light, I turned my head to the control panel. Being upside down made it even harder to process, but the panel was covered with different shaped buttons. I saw the blue one Daisy had pushed. It looked like a cloud. On a second glance, the pink one looked like a door, and the yellow one looked something like a light bulb.

I’ll never admit it, and I don’t believe she really knew what she was doing, but Daze actually pushed very logical buttons.

A few other buttons caught my eye. The first was a big green one in the shape of what I would describe as a ray gun. A dark, grey button next to it looked like a version of Saturn with smaller rings. I also saw a red button that was either an image of fire or an ugly water drop.

I held my hand out to press the green button when it was suddenly shoved aside.

“Daze! Quit!”

“Didn’t you see what I just did to us, Kyle? How can you even think of pushing another button…especially that one?” My sister’s shrill voice penetrated into the center of my skull. I swear it damaged a nerve or a hundred nerves.

“We have to get back home, don’t we?” I said.

That button is not going to take us home and you know it!”

So she can have fun, but I can’t? Two-faced annoying… I won’t think the rest.

“Fine. Fine.” I yelled. I reached down and pushed Daisy away from me. Since she was floating, the shove sent her crashing into the side of the ship.


I decided to take advantage of Daisy’s momentary incapacitation to push a button. I punched the gray one that looked like Saturn.

Before I could blink, I was knocked off the chair by the force of Daisy’s body slamming into me. Both of us crashed into the dome of the upside down spaceship. We were plastered there—together—for at least thirty seconds. Longest thirty seconds of my life.

Daisy and I floated free of the glass dome when the spaceship reached a consistent speed. Stars flew at us and disappeared and new ones replaced them faster than I could process. Daisy started to cry.

“Daze, no, please, don’t cry.” I said.

Sob. Sob. Blubber. Boo hoo. “It’s going away from earth…I can’t even see it anymore…I wanna go home!” Daisy cried.

No way was I going to reach out and comfort my sister. I settled for not making fun of her—even though I really, really wanted to.

“We’ll get back, Daze. Can you please stop…crying.”

I never would have thought Daisy sticking her tongue out at me could get any more annoying. But, out in space, it was fifteen times as bad. I pushed off the dome and crashed into Daisy. I grabbed her tongue. It was too wet to hold on to so my plans to yank it out failed. Daisy and I then crashed into the other side of the ship. She grabbed my left ear and yanked me sideways.

This feat would be beyond her on earth. But, in space, it strangely worked…to my dismay.

“Oh no you don’t.” I said. Then, I grabbed Daisy’s hair and yanked. Worked for me too…ha ha.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” came the shrill squeak.

“Sorry, Daze. Quit it will you? I’m sorry.”

But Daisy had retaliation in mind. She grinned like a proper villain and used her momentum flying to the other side of the spaceship to hit a button—the red one.

For the record, the shape is now confirmed to be FIRE.

The moment Daisy hit the button it lit up. Then, a roaring sound fired from the bottom of the spaceship and blasted out flames. They were so big I could see them. The spaceship lilted and flipped over. But it didn’t stop where it should and Daisy and I were rocked and rolled around the inside of the spaceship as it blasted off to somewhere. The fiery thrusters, though powerful, fired unevenly, so the spaceship spiraled and spun, mercilessly.

I knew that if the ship didn’t stop spinning I would throw up. I imagined it floating in the air. I closed my eyes and wished I could call for my mom. But don’t tell anyone.

Suddenly, the spaceship stopped and was still. I opened my eyes. I looked at Daisy. Her eyes were open—wide. She lifted a hand and pointed. I looked to where she was pointing.

“Is it?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I said.

We both looked down at the control panel for a button to tell us what to do next.

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