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What Daisy and I were looking at was a planet. It was the Earth—or something like it. Two Saturn-like rings surrounded it, or I would have surely thought it was the Earth.

“Do you think this is where Glug is from?” Daze asked. She gazed out the domed glass onto the beautiful blue and green planet below. “Hey, I think they have a Grand Canyon too. I can see it!”

I could only nod and simultaneously ignore my sister. My focus was still on the control panel. I needed to figure out how to land this thing. I saw a brown button that looked like a pile of dirt. Since Daisy pushing the blue cloud button had taken us up, I thought it was a good guess that the brown button took us down.

I reached out to push the button. My finger was already registering the cool plastic surface, when my hand was batted aside—short of impact, I might add.

“Idiot!” Daisy yelled. “No more buttons. Are you serious?”

“As a train wreck.” I replied. I rolled my eyes too. “Daze, we have to land. We don’t know how to get home.”

“Yes, but the next button we push might take us into another dimension. I’m not ready for that. We are going to have to take more than thirty seconds to think about this.”

Such a Mom phrase for Daisy to use.

I looked at my watch to mark the time and retaliate. Strangely, only an hour had passed since Mom had kicked us out of the house. We’d spent at least twenty burying Glug. Fifteen more minutes was surely spent on arguing. To put it bluntly, we had traveled a long distance in a very—and I mean very—short time.

“Okay, fine. What button do you think we should hit?” I asked. It took all I had to show such an inordinate amount of restraint—trust me.

Daisy put a hand on her hip and the other to her bottom lip. She wasn’t quite standing on the floor, so it looked awkward. She gazed over the buttons.

“What do you think this one is?” she asked. She was pointing to another brown button. It was plain and square. Next to it were several more plain square buttons of different colors. “Or this one?” This button was yellow.

Then I saw the coolest button in the world. It was jet black and in the shape of a tornado. I glanced at Daisy out of the corner of my right eye. She hadn’t seen it yet. In the nearly zero gravity, I slowly worked my way around behind her. I pretended to be studying the button panel. But, I knew right where I was going. I held my hand in until the last moment. Then, before Daisy could react I had slammed the black, tornado button down.

Suddenly, there was gravity. Daisy and I both fell down to the floor. The ship righted itself.

“Wow. I wish you had pushed that button sooner.” Daisy said. She jumped up quickly and began scanning the button panel again.

I don’t know why, but I was severely annoyed that something more wonderful hadn’t happened. It annoyed me even more that Daisy was about to push her own button. Still on the floor, I kicked my left foot out into the crook of her one locked knee. She fell backward. She tried to get up the same time I was, but I shoved her back down.

“Don’t push anymore buttons!” She cried out.

I decided I wasn’t going to listen to her anymore. I felt a reckless need to be in charge. I pushed the brown button that looked like a pile of dirt. The spaceship immediately responded. Like an amusement park ride, the spaceship began to spin. First slow, then faster and faster. A little at a time, Daisy and I were pushed back to the edges of the spaceship and against the walls. Within moments the g-forces were so strong I could barely breathe. Then, the spaceship shot down—and my brain and stomach went up. Everything went black.

The next thing I knew, Daisy was shaking me awake. “Kyle, you okay?”

“I’m fine. Did you have to shake me so rough?” I asked. I could feel Daze’s fingermarks on the sides of my arms.

“I thought you were dead, moron.” Daisy said. “What did you want me to do, sing to you?”

“Don’t call me that.” Anger welled up in my chest. I glared at Daisy. She glared back.

I won’t say how long our glaring match lasted, but needless to say, neither of us would give up. However, when Daisy wouldn’t break, I made silly faces. I won within the next few moments.

When Daze and I stood up and looked out of the spaceship, we were on a very neat and tidy landing pad. It appeared to be made of smooth cement, only it was a little yellowish for my taste. But was even odder were the people waiting for us. They looked exactly like Glug—except alive.

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