Art is perhaps the best medium for personal inspiration. I think that’s because art is an image. It rarely has words. It may have people. It may only have objects or show a landscape. It may be color thrown at a canvass. It can be an abstract expression of feeling. It can be three-dimensional or two-dimensional. It can even be a portrait, a sculpture, and an attempt to capture a human moment.

Yet, no matter what an artist ultimately puts to paper or canvass, or shapes with clay and carves into stone; it is entirely the likes, dislikes, experiences, or lack of experiences had by the person looking on that determine its ultimate interpretation. What the onlooker brings—inside themselves—plays a very large percentage of how they interpret the art. An onlooker may find truth in a work of art the artist never considered, nor intended. An onlooker may fail to grasp the truth the artist was hoping to communicate. But the onlooker will find something. That is the nature of art.

At Kentstead Media, when we say we provide #artexperiences, we mean that we have art that we interpret as communicating truth in a unique way. We feel that the art we provide excels in its capacity to communicate truth to you—the truth you need. We are still at the very beginning of introducing our collections, but here are two paintings we’d like to highlight. Visit to see all of our art.

Christmas Candle, by Elle Kate, is an art piece with movement and depth (both seen and unseen). Elle’s unique use of texture in her painting brings each piece to life. This piece is an ode to Christian devotion. During a time of religious persecution in Ireland, a single candle was placed in the windows of the faithful, to secretly welcome traveling ministers. It also served as a symbol that there was room for the first Christmas travelers in their home. This piece should be in every home as a reminder of Christian devotion, but also as a renewal of light as a Christmas symbol, as it is of Christ. Elle Kate and her family now put candles in their windows each Christmas.

Saved from the Whirlwind” is the second painting in Bethany Tolley’s Back to the Tree series. This painting focuses metaphorically on Jesus Christ’s personal, and extremely individual involvement in our struggles. It is Him who comes to our aid in the temptations, trials, and calamities of life. It is Him who walks us personally back to the presence of God if when we willingly accept Him as our life’s Shepherd.

In LDS culture, the “iron rod” is most widely thought of as a fixed iron railing. This painting series, including, “Saved from the Whirlwind,” seeks to put forth a more personal and deep interpretation of what the “iron rod” can be in our lives. Bethany Tolley, after reading the book “A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23” by W. Phillip Keller, and by studying other scriptural, and academic, references to an iron rod, felt that seeing the rod as The Shepherd Staff/Rod of Christ increased understanding of Christ’s personal role in all of our journeys to, away, and “back to the tree.”

#artexperiences are something Kentstead Media is passionate about. Please stay tuned as we continue to increase our portfolio of art truthspeakers!

Christmas Candle

Keeping a lit candle in the window would show devotion to Christ in times of religious persecution. When those around us criticize or mock our beliefs, our devotion to Christ, however small it appears outwardly, can lead others to truth.

Saved from the Whirlwind

This is the second painting in the “Back to the Tree” series. “Saved from the Whirlwind,” is a new depiction of Lehi’s dream from the perspective of a soul returning to Jesus Christ. Back to the Tree shows a view of the Savior and His personal role in inviting us all back to Him no matter where we are in our spiritual journey.