Chapter 11: How Did it Come to this?

I don’t know how many times—especially when Daisy had stuck her tongue out at me—I’d wished she was dead. I’d get so mad at her when she purposefully annoyed me. Though, I know sometimes I annoyed her first.

But that’s what I do! I’m a boy. There’s something about being an older brother, you know. That’s how I showed my sister I loved her—I picked on her.

Give me a break, all right? I never knew torturing my sister would lead to this… If I had, I might have treated her better. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have, because I would never have believed it would come to this. Never… Surely Daze loved bugging me too?

After entering the room, I found blue powder everywhere. On a table, in the middle of the room, was Daze. She was covered in the blue powder. I ran over to her and tried to wake her up; I tried to pick up her hand and hold it, but it wouldn’t move. The muscles were frozen stiff. Is this what they call rigor mortis?

“No!” I yelled. My sister couldn’t be dead. She couldn’t!

I tried to move Daisy, but her body was heavier than I thought. She was like stone. How was I ever going to get her back to the spaceship?

I felt time pressing on me. I knew I didn’t have long. I was going to have to bring the Glugenal Water to Daze.

I didn’t ponder the decision a moment longer. I ran out of the room, down the hall, and out the door. I left the military building behind me and bolted down the sidewalk toward the landing pad and the spaceship. The bodies of the Deceivers still lay scattered about, but some of them were twitching. I knew they would be awake soon.

I jumped into the spaceship and grabbed the cooler with the Glugenal Water 3.0. Then, I hopped back out and sprinted down the sidewalk to the military building. More Deceivers were twitching and moving. A few blinked their eyes. My stomach sunk. I couldn’t believe I was out of time—already.

I crashed through the doors of the military building and skidded my way down the hallway and into the room covered with blue powder. I went straight to Daisy, opened the cooler and grabbed a bottle of the Glugenal Water 3.0. I twisted open the bottle and leaned over Daisy’s face. There was a small crack between her lips. I hoped it was enough.

I poured only a little water, at first, into Daze’s mouth. I watched. I waited. When nothing happened, I became frantic. I poured the whole first bottle onto her face. I hoped most of it would go into her mouth, but a lot—too much—tricked down the sides of her cheeks and into her open eyes.

“Come on, Daze! You can’t be dead. Don’t leave me! I’m sorry for being such a bad brother, but I never meant to really leave you. You’re important to me…more important than I ever realized. I need you! Daze!” I pled and cried.

Daze didn’t budge. Not one bit.

“No.” I mouthed. Then, I got angry. “No, Daze. I won’t let you die. I won’t!”

I grabbed the second bottle of Glugenal Water 3.0 from the cooler. I poured it all over Daisy’s powder-covered body. I washed all the powder off of her from her head to her waist. Then, with the final bottle, I cleaned her off down to her feet. I saved a few drops in the last bottle to pour down her throat.

My sister looked so much better rinsed off—even if her clothes were all soggy and wet. She looked human again and not so much like stone. Tears still poured down my cheeks. I dropped to my knees next to her.

“Daze… Daze, please…”

I had a few moments of silence with my sister. I put my head down on her shoulder. I realized the Glugenal Water hadn’t been enough because she was already dead when I arrived.

I got up from the floor and kissed my sister on the forehead. Then I stepped back. I vowed to Daisy that even though she hadn’t made it, I would find a way to get her body back to earth—and to mom and dad. I told her I would never leave her here with the Deceivers—ever.

I wiped my face on my shirt and stood tall. If I had to drag Daze’s body to the ship, I would do it. I started to pick her up when the front doors of the military building crashed open. The force of it shook the ground.

“Oh no, Daze.” I said to my dead sister. “I’m too late.”

I looked around. Three empty bottles of Glugenal Water 3.0 were scattered about. I couldn’t leave them there. I’d promised Vander-Kelp.

I ran around the room and grabbed the empty bottles and put them back in the cooler. I threw the cooler strap over my shoulder and headed back to Daisy. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. I didn’t know what to do. I was trapped in the room!

Then, a thought came to me. I quickly ran over to the open door and stood behind it. I’d seen this in the movies so many times. I hoped it worked.

Deceivers’ voices and booted feet sounded down the hallway. “Check the Powder Room.” A voice called out.

I heard footsteps approach the room. I hunkered down behind the open door and waited. The footsteps entered the doorway, but only just.

“She’s still here.” A voice said.

“Yes. The boy must have realized he couldn’t move her.” Another Deceiver spoke.

“Where do you think he ran to?”

“I don’t know. Let’s tell George. He’ll know where to look.”

I heard a laugh come from one of them. “Amazing the boy escaped the Kelps, though, don’t you think?”

“He thought we were sending him home.” Another hearty laugh. “George is so clever. That suit the boy brought back…plastic. Can you believe it? George retrieved it from the ship and let me touch it.”

“Yes, but where did he get it? From the Kelps?”

“No, certainly not… Well, not impossible if the Kelps captured him. But if they captured him and then set him free, then perhaps he talked with the Kelps too.”

“That would make the boy valuable but also a liability. Worth keeping alive until we can at least interrogate him, though. But the Kelps setting him free—that’s not a good thing. The Kelps may have offered to help him. Do you think they are on to us?”

“Either way, no matter. If Kyle talked with the Kelps then he has information. We must tell George.”

I heard the Deceivers turn and walk back down the hall.

“Do you think Greg has found the Glugenal Suit on Earth yet?”

“I don’t know, but I do wish he’d hurry. We’re going to need it.”

“Yes, with the suit we’ll be set to…”

The voices died away and I heard no more. But I’d heard enough. The address George had given me to punch in the spaceship had never been Earth. George had sent me on a suicide mission. But why do so when he could have killed me here, on alter-Earth?

I knew why. George had never planned for me to live through an encounter with the Kelps. He’d never planned for me to come back. He’d never planned for me to talk with Vander-Kelp. George had known that an alter-Earth spaceship would be destroyed on sight. He sent me to the Kelps to die and to send a message to the Kelps. But what message?

Now, there was also an alter-Earthing on Earth for the real Glugenal Suit. I worried immediately about my mother, Ginger. Surely the Deceivers wouldn’t go after her or any other humans. Right?

I put my head in my hands, “What am I going to do?”

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