It’s hard to tell people what you’re about sometimes. However, I find the challenge pushes me to find the right words. The more I’m asked, “What kind of company is Kentstead Media?” the more I whittle down how to put it into words.

What kind of company are we?

We are a company that wants to inspire people to embrace truth and empower them to become their best self and live their best life.

That’s it. However, how we do that gets into paragraphs of explanation. We are a media company. So, we use tools—books, art, merchandise, shows…and eventually movies—to inspire and empower.

And, to put out media that inspires and empowers we have to think deeply about what we want our media to do and the way in which it will do it.

What is a truth experience?

We talk a lot about experiences, primarily truth experiences (#truthexperiences). We are using this term to define our niche. Do we preach truth? Perhaps. But I prefer to say we show truth and let the showing do the inspiring. What people ultimately get from it depends on them.

We don’t want to tell people what to do. We want to show them and help them feel what they can access so that they feel inspired and motivated to embrace what they need for themselves. We feel strongly that everyone finds and assimilates universal truth into their lives differently. My path doesn’t look anything like my sisters’ paths, my friends’ paths, and even others who believe as I do. No one experiences life the same, and we know they won’t experience our media the same.

Thus, our truth experiences don’t attempt to micromanage the path people take to embracing truth and living a peaceful, full, abundant life. Our truth experiences do attempt to help people feel, reinforce, and become aware of truths that we hope will empower them to embrace change and personal improvement—as they are ready.

What is universal truth?

People are pretty good at developing their own personal truths. Culture and tradition often establish what they define as “truths”. However, when we say universal truth, we mean literally, truth that is universal to all. For example, that revenge is an unhealthy way to deal with offense. Or conversely, that forgiveness is the only way to find peace. Or, perhaps that love may conquer all when combined with other forms of proactive wisdom. All human beings can agree that dishonesty and deceit are destructive to personal growth and the well-being of community and society. Universal truth is truth that we can all agree on. Universal truth unifies people with a myriad of differing personal and cultural truths.

In summary.

We don’t preach, or tell people what to do with our media. We use our media to inspire and empower them to embrace universal truth as they are ready.

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