I KNOW what’s it’s like to spend years submitting manuscripts and wondering why you’re aren’t getting anywhere. And while my story is going to be different than yours, I want to share with you–as an aspiring well-known author–one of my most favorite books on writing.

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I’ve read countless (and I mean…I’ve lost count) books on writing well. But, by far, my favorite book that EVERY person who writes and wants to write well should read is 78 Reasons You May Never Get Published and 14 Reasons Why You Might by Pat Walsh.

I bumped into this book probably 15 years ago and it changed the way I wrote deeply. I have a few others I recommend. Any is better than none. But, this one is likely to aid any writer the most. Why? Because Pat Walsh is frank, funny, sarcastic, and flat out “straight and to the point”. If you want it straight, and you can handle tough love, you need to read this book.

However, let’s say you are doing a screenplay or even coming up with the framework for a tv show, this book will also be helpful, because the underlying principles can be transferred to other creative endeavors…especially where text is involved.

If you’re interested in submitting your manuscript to Kentstead Media, please read this book. My second favorite? The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.

Okay! Get reading.


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