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Poetry Highlight

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Repentance - W.R. Gilmour 1988/2020

I walked along the well worn path

Beside the iron rod,

But then my feet did wander where

Far many more had trod.


“I’m lost!” I cried, my heart was still,

“There is no hope for me!”

But then I heard a gentle voice

I sought but did not see.


“I’m here,” the voice had said to me,

But yet I could not view

The speaker of the loving words

That tried to pull me through.


“Oh, I am doomed!” my soul did cry,

But now with less conviction,

“I have no chance to mend my ways,

There is no way to fix them.”


“But no,” the voice then calmly said,

“With love and earnest prayer,

Your sins can be forgiven full,

Have faith, I’ll soon be there.”


A hazy form, I now could view,

But still I did not see

Quite well the face of he who’d come

To save in time of need.


“Please help,” I cried, “I feel so scared,”

I know I’ve lost my way!

My sins I’ll forsake, my heart I will break,

I’ll start life anew from this day.”


And then the figure left the fog.

I heard His sweet voice say,

“Your sins are forgiven, your debt has been paid.

Come, follow. I’ll show you the way.”


I followed Him out of the mist and the fog;

Now I cling to the iron rod.

I learned that day, though feet may stray,

All still may yet see God.