Chapter 12: BOOM! BOOM! KAPOW! BOOM!

Ginger wiped her eyes with a Kleenex. She’d cried too many times today. A detective approached her. She stood in the grass at the bottom of the hill in the backyard of her house.

“What is it?” she asked. The man had an odd look on his face. She couldn’t make it out.

“Classified Ma’am. Classified.” The man answered. “But I can tell you this. We did not find your kids in the wreckage or anywhere else in the woods.”

“I could have told you that, Sir! What did you find in the woods?” she asked. Curiosity and a quick temper stifled her tears.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you, Ma’am.”

“And why not?” she asked.

The detective rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “This is government stuff. I can’t tell you anything.”

“The trees in my backyard forest were clearly destroyed by a UFO. There was a grave and a bunch of other odd clues. What more could you possibly keep from me?” she asked. She had already lost her patience. Something she did far too quickly most days. But today she would not beat herself up about it. “Tell me what you found, Sir.”

The man cleared his throat. “Do you believe in alien’s Ma’am? Little green ones?”

Ginger shook her head. “No. Did you find one?”

“Yes, Ma’am, we did.” The man smiled.

Ginger was sure the detective was toying with her. But, she was up for the challenge. “Show me.”

The detective turned around and whistled. Three men came running out of the forest with an extremely large gray cooler—the kind that costs a few million dollars. They ran up to the detective and nodded. The detective turned back around and nodded to Ginger.

“Show her the goods, boys.”

Ginger put a hand on her hip and steeled her face. The three men popped open the cooler. There, on gel and ice packs was a dead child with green-tinted skin. On top of him was a slimy green thing.

“Hold it up so I can see it.” She demanded, pointing to the green slimy thing.

The detective cocked his head. He did not look happy. “Do it boys.”

The three men set the cooler down, put on plastic gloves, and carefully picked up the green thing. All stretched out, Ginger thought it looked an awful lot like the shape of a human…except the head was missing and it was green. It was like a human-skin-suit. Her mind recoiled from it, but despite that, she reached out to touch it.

“No!” the detective slapped her hand back. “Two men have passed out from toxic shock. There’s something dangerous about the goo coming out from the inside of this thing.”

Ginger crossed her arms. “Are you going to tell me next that my children were likely abducted by something like this…by an alien?”

The detective frowned. “What other conclusion would you have me draw, Ma’am?”


After the voices of the Deceivers were beyond my hearing, I crept out from behind the door. I ventured to peek down the hallway. I saw the three Deceivers exit the front doors. I knew now was my best chance. All the alter-Earthlings would be looking for me somewhere besides this building.

I darted down the hallway and found a rolling office chair. Aside from its chartreuse color, it worked far better than any office chair I’d ever tested on earth. I adjusted it up to its highest level and rolled it back to the Powder Room where Daze lay.

Daisy’s body was still heavy and wet, but her skin did feel a bit softer. I slid her body off the table and onto the chair. She hit with a crash and the chair nearly toppled over. But, her stone-like feet hit the floor and balanced out the momentum.

“Here we go, Daze.” I said.

I rolled Daisy out of the Powder Room, down the hallway of the Military Building, and right up to the front doors. I peered out the small vertical windows in the doors. Alter-Earthlings walked about, but there weren’t very many near where I was at. Still, it wasn’t good enough. I needed a diversion.

I left Daisy by the front door and searched around. Then, right in front of my eyes I saw big red English letters on a large silver, plastic chest. They said ammunition. Made sense. It’s a Military Building after all and Deceivers aren’t the nicest or most careful of beings, are they? I ripped open the chest and found hand-grenades. I’d never used one—in real life—but video games had taught me the basics.

I ran to a window near the back of the building. I looked out and made sure the coast was clear. Then, I opened the window and found a target. Behind the Military Building was a big stone quarry. It was surrounded by trees and buildings on the sides, but an explosion over the side of the rocky cliff and deep down in the ravine would certainly stir up dust and debris. It would have to do.

I pulled the tab off of the top of the grenade, took a good look, aimed, and threw the grenade. It didn’t go as far as I needed. It bounced and rolled and came to a stop at the edge of the quarry cliff. Oh, no, it’s too close!

I ran to Daze. “Okay Sis, no choice now. It’s death by Deceivers or death by grenade.”

I pushed on the office chair with all my strength and plunged out the doors of the Military Building. A few alter-Earthlings saw me immediately and called out for help. Well, the words were in a Japanese-type language, so I assumed that’s what they were doing. Then, they started to run right at me. I wanted to run away, but I couldn’t. I ran right back at them, Daisy, office chair and all. My direction had to be the sidewalk that led right to the landing pad.

The first Deceiver tripped over Daisy’s outstretched stone feet and fell off to the side. The other jumped right over Daisy, hands focused right on me. I ducked. He landed behind me. I kept on running. Then…


I remembered flying through the air. My ears ached. Then, I couldn’t hear anything. I crashed into the ground amidst dust and dirt and flying stone.

“Daisy!” I yelled.

I lay on the ground after the explosion. It was silent for a long time, too. But I didn’t know if it was because I couldn’t hear or if it was because I couldn’t see. Then, at last I could see a bit. Everything was dirty and black. I heard something muffled. Then, it got louder and louder. I could hear again.

Screams filtered into my ears. There were angry Japanese rants and cries and crying. I felt terrible. I knew—was certain—some alter-Earthlings had died. I wanted to get away—now.


The sound of Daisy’s voice was surreal, but it pierced me through the pandemonium and I turned my head toward it.


I heard it again. “Daisy? Is that you? Are you alive? Where are you?”

A hand reached out and grabbed my arm. It was covered with ash and pulverized rock.

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