What are #truthexperiences

A “truth experience” is what happens when we interact with any type of media and we come away with a strong desire to do better, be better, try harder, reach a little further for our dreams, work a little harder at our talents, and help others find peace and joy in life.

What is "Kentstead"?

Welcome! Kentstead Media was founded to offer “truthspeakers”– creators who weave life-changing truth, morals, and themes into their work – a safe home to publish and share.

The name Kentstead is a play on words. It’s our founder’s family name merged with the word “stead” which has its root in the word “stedding,” which signifies a safe place. In Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series a stedding was a place where magic didn’t work, thus within that place one could be safe from the use of such powers for good, or ill. In a stedding, everyone is on equal ground. All are accepted.

When KM says, "Truth" what does it mean?

Marcel Proust said, in the Captive: “All these obligations, which have no sanction in our present life, seem to belong to a different world, a world based on kindness, scrupulousness, self-sacrifice, a world entirely different from this one and which we leave in order to be born on this earth, before perhaps returning there to live once again beneath the sway of those unknown laws which we obeyed because we bore their precepts in our hearts, not knowing whose hand had traced them there – those laws to which every profound work of the intellect brings us nearer and which are invisible only – if then! – to fools.”

One of our heroes, C.S. Lewis, claimed there is a deeper and unchanging law underlying all human life that animates and rules us.

At Kentstead Media, our primary goal is to bring that type of truth to readers through the catalyst of media. This includes books, art, and other media as well. We see media as an avenue to dispense truth and build a relationship with God and our fellow men. All our fictional and non-fiction publishing projects, regardless of the medium/framework, are located within this quest for clear, accessible truth. When people are through interacting with the media we publish, we want them to leave that experience changed by what they’ve encountered, and able to face life strengthened and armed by new awareness of what really is. This quest for genuine spiritual threads that unite us to the universe are meant to be firmly integral to the excitement, entertainment value and fun of our media. Discovering truth is life changing, and the best art is not just artistically successful, it is also true to life and leads us towards our better selves. Finding, developing and publishing such art is our mission.

Bethany Tolley: Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Bethany is a woman with many talents, all of which she uses to get truth out into the world. She considers herself a writer, through and through, with a natural urge to speak truth. She loves to build others. She wants to find truthspeakers and help them get their voice heard by those who are hungry for it.

Bethany has a BA in Business Administration, an MA in Education: Curriculum & Instructional Design, years of business, marketing, and corporate training experience, business coaching, and more. She’s been writing fiction (under the pseudonym Angela Tempest) and non-fiction since 2000. Connect with her on FB @KentsteadMedia @TheDoctrineLadyBlog @AngelaTempestAuthor and IG @KentsteadMedia @TheDoctrineLady @AngelaTempestAuthor!

Kalley Richardson: Video Production Manager

Kalley has been editing videos for her family and church friends for years and we’ve convinced her to join us! She has a gift for combining music and effects to create a “video experience.” 

Alea Saunders: Visual Experiences Manager

Alea is our company photographer, makeup artist, casting and costume director, and so much more. Her experience in the modeling and media industry contribute powerfully to how we look and feel to the world.

Tawnee Saunders: Human Relations Executive

Tawnee Saunders is not only an author with Kentstead Media, she’s our Human Experience Executive. What does that mean? Well, Tawnee deals with all things “people.” She builds relationships, develops people, seeks collaborations, coaches, supports, and uplifts.

Outisde of KM, Tawnee is a certified health and life coach, affirmation expert, executive at Life Seasons, and just plain positive energy in the form of a human woman.

Sonja Cassella: Editor

Sonja Cassella is a freelance writer and editor based in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition to working for Kentstead, she edits the classical education website http://www.classicaleducationtoday.com. You can learn more about her at http://www.sonjacassella.com.

Chiara Noemi Monaco: Illustrator

Chiara is a phenomenal Italian illustrator.

Kennedy Smith: Illustrator

Kennedy is a digital illustrator and animator.