Angela Tempest is the author of the Paronian Legends series, The Adustum Diaries, and Copy Cat Earth: The Glugenal Suit middle-grade fiction space fantasy serial. She resides in a quiet sleeper town near a beautiful mountain range in Utah. She has a brilliant scientist and inventor for a husband, seven amazing step-children, and one biological daughter—all whom she cherishes above all else the world offers.

From first grade on, Angela was a very good reader—always in the top reading group. But she didn’t find her love for reading fiction until taking a job at a Scholastic Books call center after graduating high school. Between book-order phone calls from school teachers, Angela read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and many other classic books for the first time.

Within the next few years, Angela was introduced to, and began reading, epic fantasy by Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, and countless others. By joining a scifi/fantasy book club at her favorite bookstore she was exposed to science fiction authors like Isaac Asimov, David Brin, and David Weber. Her love of these genres grew and their fiction worlds were her daily escape from life.

Angela’s love of reading was soon transformed into a life-changing moment. During the newly released Fellowship of the Ring movie (2001) she was so impacted by “the experience” that she exited the theater determined to have the same impact. She wanted to create moments and experiences that changed lives, like hers had been changed.

Since 2001, Angela has spent years writing and honing her experience-creating talent through the medium of writing. She relishes weaving nuggets of truth and quotable quotes into her stories.

Copy Cat Earth – 1: The Spaceship Crash

Please enjoy installment 1 of this middle-grade...

Copy Cat Earth – 1: The Spaceship Crash

Please enjoy installment 1 of this middle-grade serial story by Angela Tempest There are two kinds of siblings. First, there are the kinds of siblings that are best friends—they were born that way. They tease each other and make fun, but when it comes down to it, they...

Copy Cat Earth – 2: Glug the Alien

Continued from Copy Cat Earth - 1: The Spaceship Crash Is that a human?” Daisy asked. “I have no idea.” I said. We both walked up to the slimy green mass hanging ever so ungracefully out of the bottom of what appeared to be a spaceship. It had a large glass dome in...

Copy Cat Earth – 3: Unexpected takeoff

Read Chapter 1 and 2 first! I couldn’t say all the things I wanted to say to Daisy for a good long time. The spaceship went up forever and ever. Daisy passed out from the pressure. I nearly passed out. Then, at last, everything became upside down. I was staring out of...

Copy Cat EArth – 4: Copy Cats

Start at Chapter 1! What Daisy and I were looking at was a planet. It was the Earth—or something like it. Two Saturn-like rings surrounded it, or I would have surely thought it was the Earth. “Do you think this is where Glug is from?” Daze asked. She gazed out the...

Copy Cat Earth – 5: The Glugenal Suit

Start at Chapter 1!  It isn’t until you see something so much like the earth—but not—that you understand the phrase, “there’s no place like home.” Where Daisy and I were, was certainly not home. The sky was purple, the clouds were muted, cotton-candy blue; the grass...

Copy Cat Earth – 6: Surrender

Over the course of the next few days I got a crash course in spaceship flying from George himself. I was excited about it for about one hour. Then, when George started teaching me evasive battle maneuvers, I got a little scared. Especially since the weapons of the...

Copy cat Earth – 7: Follow Me

Chapter 7: Follow Me After Kyle left, Daisy was irritable. She played with the three, brown-haired alien girls named: Joan, Janna, and Jill. But she had played with them for two days straight now. She was bored. The three J’s—as she called them—were so…nice. They had...

Copy Cat Earth – 8: The Deceivers

Chapter 8: The Deceivers Daisy was held in the grey interrogation room for hours. She was certain they would make her sleep in there. Hugh’s mom popped in and out with a few meals, but the McDonald’s like food tasted like greasy ash. One thing this alter-Earth did not...

Copy cat Earth – 9: Blue Smoke

Chapter 9: Blue Smoke “Tell us what the Glugenal suit does.” Betty and George demanded over the speaker. Daisy shook her head. “I don’t know, already. Geez, can’t you guys see I’m just an eleven-year-old girl? I’m simply an annoying little sister that will never see...

Copy Cat EArth – 10: Water 3.0

Chapter 10: Water 3.0 Vander-Kelp did not send me back to my ship right away. He tried to walk fast, but due to his crooked body, our pace was quite slow. I followed the Kelp-man-leader to a large room full of freezers—yes freezers. Vander-Kelp pulled one of the...

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