Bethany Tolley is the owner and chief editor of Kentstead Media. Bethany didn’t know she was born to write. But, when the time came, she found her life’s mission and that passion and purpose has never left her.

Bethany has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Education: Curriuculum and Instructional Design. Her early beginnings in the business world quickly transitioned to teaching and corporate training. But since the year 2000 she has been writing, almost constantly, by night, and finding avenues to teaching truth with her art and music.

Bethany grew up in a loyal family. There she learned to draw, sing, and play sports. But equally powerful in her childhood instruction was a strong family belief in following Jesus Christ.

Bethany’s creative ventures always focus on truth-telling or truth-speaking. Her goal, whether in fiction, non-fiction, blogging, music, or art is to create #truthexperiences.

Bethany resides in a quiet sleeper town near a beautiful mountain range in Utah. She has a brilliant scientist and inventor for a husband, seven amazing step-children, and one biological daughter—all whom she cherishes above all else the world offers.

Follow Bethany on IG @thedoctrinelady @kentsteadmedia @angelatempestauthor and FB!

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