Copy Cat Earth | The glugenal Suit

Copy Cat Earth | The glugenal Suit

Copy Cat Earth | The Glugenal Suit

There are two kinds of siblings. First, there are the kinds of siblings that are best friends—they were born that way. They tease each other and make fun, but when it comes down to it, they are loyal, and they can laugh together and share secrets. Then there is the other kind—the kind of siblings that are born rivals. Every aspect of life is a competition—from how much milk is in their respective glasses down to what side of the room the misplaced sock is really on.

For the record, three-fourths of the sock was on Daisy’s side, which means it’s hers. I’m not picking it up. I’d die first.

I’m Kyle and I’m here to tell you a story about my sister Daisy. It’s a story of how she ruined both of our lives.


Amber Robbins @AmberRobbinsStands

I would say the book is geared more at preteen than teen. I loved the way the book started out with the very normal sibling conflict and worked its way to them developing comradery and support of each other as they learn to work as a team. I also liked the details about the spaceship and aliens they met along the way. It added some creativity and fun to the overall story.

Kyle and Daisy started out with a predictable sibling relationship that was one of many ups and downs, mixed in with a lot of miscommunication, and ended up with them working together to create a solution and help save what was most important to them.  Lots of life lessons. I got momentarily confused when Kyle started calling Daisy, Daze.  Since her nickname is spelled like the word daze or dazed, it took me a minute to realize he was referring to Daisy. Other than that, I followed along and got sucked into this out-of-this-world adventure!

I would recommend this to a preteen audience, but probably not a teen audience. This was a fun adventure, and I loved all of the characters Kyle and Daisy met along the way, and what they learned as they went.  A great lesson in how we can turn angst and frustration into support and friendship and we listen to each other as we look for the best in each other and work toward the common good. I think many preteens would enjoy the story and gain valuable insight about positive communication and teamwork.


Enjoy this thrilling middle-grade, young YA space fantasy. Written in serial fashion, every chapter leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat. Will Kyle and Daisy’s sibling rivalry save, or destroy, the universe? Find out in Angela Tempest’s “The Glugenal Suit”, book 1 of the Copy Cat Earth Series.

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