David Wilson-Burns is a writer, software engineer, and musician living in Norman, Oklahoma, a college town in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. He has published works of fiction, personal essays, and poetry. If you logged into his WordPress account, you would find twenty-two blogs ranging from computer programming, spirituality, personal life, fiction, travel, and a satirical small-town newspaper named The Puddlegulch Post; although, most have been set to private while he undergoes treatment for blogaholism at the Over-Sharer’s Recovery Center in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

David is an insatiably creative person who will give just about any creative endeavor a shot.  He has served as choir director at numerous churches since the nineties, taught private voice and elementary school music, founded an early-music choral ensemble, written songs, given voice recitals, performed in musical theatre and opera on stage and in film, played tuba in orchestras, a country band, and Oklahoma’s oldest polka band, played piano and sung in many weddings and funerals, illustrated stories, helped others publish books, patented software, designed book covers, and currently plays a Half-Elf Bard known for his humorous folk music in two Dungeons and Dragons games.

David graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Vocal Music Education, is a full-time software engineer of twenty years, and has been happily married to his high school sweetheart for more than twenty-five years. He has two adult children who live on their own and two cats who live constantly up in his business.

Readers in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia have described his writing as “beautifully dark”, “evocative and lyrical”, “gritty and real”, “freaking hilarious”, “Fantastic and powerful”, “Bloody excellent”, and “Utterly brilliant.”

His published books include:

  • Bay City Runaway
  • Fictdoodles: A Collection of Flash Fiction
  • A Beatific Lent: Reflections on Lent and the Eight-Fold Path of the Beatitudes
  • Lamentation and Exultation: Micropoetry of a Manic-Depressive

David is one to watch, with more on the way!

Copy Cat Earth – 14: It’s Bigger Than Us

Chapter 14: It’s Bigger than Us It took me only...

Bay City Runaway

James, a thirty-something software wiz with a drinking problem, runs away to San Francisco to escape a tragedy in his home state of Oklahoma. 


These sometimes hilarious, touching, terrifying, sensual, and meaningful stories explore the depths of human emotion and the heights of human hilarity in roughly a thousand words or less.