I grew up with the smell of oil paints and turpentine in my nostrils. My mother painted all my growing up years whenever she could find a moment. She encouraged me in all my endeavors as I followed suit. She has continued to paint until this past year when she turned 89. We have always shared our creations and encouraged each other. My uncle, grandmother, and biological father were also painters; and all of these people had a great influence on my work. In high school, I was also encouraged by an amazing art teacher who pushed me beyond my natural tendencies.  Back in those days it never occurred to me to seek formal art training. It was just a fact of life. 

I was born in Detroit MI in 1951, and from the age of 5 lived in California, Utah, Idaho, Texas and Missouri. We moved often and I was exposed to many interesting people and ideas. I went to a lot of different churches and met and married very young after joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The scriptures and doctrines of the Church have impacted my art in a serious way. I’ve found it nearly impossible to paint anything that doesn’t have some symbolic significance.  

My husband and I have four daughters and what sometimes seems like millions of grandchildren, and even great-grand-children! We love them all, and they visit us often where we reside in Moberly, MO.