It’s hard to be different. To have beliefs and powers that make others fear you, resent you, hate you, or worship you. Is there any hope for someone like you? Sure. You find purpose in your unique place in the world; you become a truth-seeker…a Majee.

A search for personal identity in a world that’s afraid of the truth.

Nevosi has a mysterious and growing power over water. Born in an ancient political family, the truth about who he is and where is power comes from is difficult to learn. Unwelcome in his own home, where his family is hiding scandalous magical secrets, Nevosi must brave a culture of stiff, prejudiced Pracks and risk his life to learn the truth about his magical identity.

Lord Jorry appears to be self-assured, crafy, and powerful. But beneath his confident facade lurks an inner doubt about his purpose in the world, and his current magical mission. When Jorry’s life is threatened and his orders seem to have been misguided, fear threatens his identity and his mission. In order to become who he’s been prophesied to be, Jorry must throw in his lot with Nevosi and face his inner demons in order to find the truth.

Play the INTRIGUE game

Intrigue is a 2-player fantasy board game. Individual pieces move in unique ways as they advance toward the opponent’s city. But, before the city can be attacked and occupied, a player must first successfully eliminate four (4) of the opponent’s pieces. But such elimination can take on a tricky twist when some pieces keep coming back to life! With a bit of chance, and a little strategy, players can use a combination of characters and magic to resurrect an eliminated piece. But resurrection may not save you! It takes intrigue and a well-planned attack to preserve the right pieces for a successful occupation.

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