Jodi grew up in a small farming community where life is simple, and the love is big. As a child vocal prodigy, Jodi’s professional music career began at the tender age of ten when she found herself singing and performing for thousands on the stages of Las Vegas, Nevada. In an industry that places value and worth on external validation, Jodi found herself in a state of confusion.

This led Jodi on a journey of self-discovery to better understand her divine identity and inherent worth. Jodi has dedicated the past twenty-five years and over twelve thousand hours to learning, researching, implementing, and teaching thousands how to cultivate their divine nature. Jodi has a gift for seeing the bigger picture and discovering eternal truths in the seemly ordinary moments of each day. She believes it’s in these moments God whispers, I see you, I hear you, and you are loved!

Jodi is an award-winning vocalist and was a featured performer at NAMM, one of the world’s largest music festivals. Jodi continues to sing and perform and her music plays on radio stations across the globe. Jodi is a writer, speaker and Certified CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) & REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy ) life coach. Jodi is the founder of The Women Who Shine (IG @thewomenwhoshine, Jodi’s family is her most prized possession. She resides in Lindon, Utah, with her husband and three children.

God's Notes of Love

Jodi calls God’s whispers, God’s notes of love. She has created a unique journal to help you discover His love notes, as well as a range of products that uplift and whisper of your divine identity.

The Women Who Shine blog

Jodi is chief editor of The Women Who Shine blog. She, along with many other powerful women of light, share inspiring and resonating messages based upon Christ-like attributes. Visit the blog!

Brave While Broken

A topic Jodi speaks on frequently is “brave while broken.” Coming soon is the long awaited book Brave While Broken through God’s Grace.