Melanie Deumeland is a Native of Jacksonville, Florida. She is a survivor of breast cancer and a twenty-three-year Veteran. She joined the United States Air Force in May of 1995.  Throughout her career she was stationed at 5 different locations, most of her career was spent in foreign countries to include Germany, and Spain.  She was medically retired from the Air Force in December 2019 due to her cancer.

Melanie is a published poet through The International Library of Poetry and has written over more than two hundred poems.  She is currently writing her first book, “God, Spirituality and Everything in between”.  Additionally, she enjoys writing, walking, the beach, spending time with her family and attending her community church.  Her future aspirations are to own a coffee shop and publish several books of her own. She is a contributing author in the book “Hope is for Always” with her chapter “Positive Attitude”.

She’s the mother of two children; her twenty-year old daughter Kiernann currently resides in, and attends college in Germany, and her six- year old son, Benjamin who currently resides with her and her husband, Spencer in Utah.  She is the youngest of five siblings, and one of three surviving.

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