Self-help positivity

Non-fiction comes in many shapes and sizes, but we prefer those with a unique twist on self-help and a genuine perspective on motivation, inspiration, and positive-living. We don’t ascribe to only one culture, religion, or viewpoint. We do promote universal truth. From honesty, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, kindness, integrity, and peace to meditation, gratitude, and more, we love to discover truths that bless everyone no matter their age, culture, background, or income level.

Eating your best life is as much, if not more, about you as it is about the food you eat. I’m here to empower you to make the changes you need in order for you to live, and eat, your best life. But don’t be fooled. These are not simply recipes. These are life exercises that use food as a hands-on object lesson. These food exercises reveal to you your fears, weaknesses, strengths, talents, and struggles. By seeing and embracing who you are, you will find the power to change. You will find the power to live, and eat, your best life.

Hope is for Always!

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Readers will find themselves filled with hopeful electricity as they relate to the personal stories shared, by various contributors, on how they’ve found hope!