Tawnee Saunders was raised primarily in the midwest town of Moberly, MO. Tawnee is the eldest of four girls in a loving and loyal family. And from her earliest years she was dynamic, caring, and determined.

Tawnee’s tenacity has served to bless her life and help her through hard times. If ever there was a woman who refused to quit, it’s her. Through hard times to new beginnings, Tawnee’s life experiences fuel her determination and motivate her to help others.

Tawnee has always been keenly interested in what makes others tick, how they deal with life, and most importantly, how she can help them. Her natural gift to lift and motivate others is felt by every person she encounters. She is magnetic, drawing those to her who seem to need her most.

Tawnee has spent many years learning how to be strong mentally, spiritually, and physically. As a certified health and life coach, she is unique in her capacity to help others live “their best life.”

Tawnee is an author, show host (Hope Cast, The Stuff Life is Made Of), podcaster (How to Live Your Best Life Radio), and so much more. Connect with her on IG @life_as_tawnee.

How to Eat Your Best Life

Improve your relationship with yourself by using food and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)! Coach Tawnee will show you how to love yourself and food.