I Write Half - Poetry Blog

Wordsmith, and published poet, W.R. Gilmour, shares some of his favorite poetry and a little commentary.

A Search for Utopia

Angela Tempest

There are no graveyards in Fern’s world. Only death rays that come and take people to their eternal fate. Join Fern and her friends as they take a journey to find out where the death rays take people.

Copy Cat Earth | The Glugenal Suit

Angela Tempest

This preteen adventure takes readers on a wild ride through the galaxy with Kyle and Daisy as they learn how to be siblings and friends.

How to Be a Truthspeaker

Learn how to write AND how to weave uplifting, soul-sustaining truths latently into your writing from the master wordsmith, W.R. Gilmour.

Dream Inspirer

Karen Papin’s background in psychology lends a powerful punch behind her life coaching blog. From real life experiences to power-packed affirmations, you’ll find this serial blog short, sweet, and soul-sustaining.

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