We promote #truthexperiences

Preaching = telling people how to live.

That’s not what we do.

#truthexperience = telling a story that inspires people to live better.

That’s what we do.


At Kentstead Media we care about two things: 1) that you are passionate about inspiring people to live better, and 2) that you are skilled in crafting truth experiences; that you know how to use a picture or a story to inspire people to embrace truth.

We promote universal truths shared in inspiring truth experience formats. Experience formats are primarily: #readingexperiences, #watchingexperiences, and #artexperiences.

A truth speaker can infuse truth into their work subliminally and in a way that is not necessarily latent, but nearly latent. Subliminal means it’s done without the seeker being totally aware of the truths you are weaving in. Latent tends to mean hidden or concealed. Thus, when we say nearly latent we mean that truths are so naturally a part of the flow of the creation that the truthspeaking is not loud, overt, or obvious.

We expect all who submit to be active as #truthspeakers already on websites and social media. Please be sure to have active, uplifting accounts with a minimum of 5 posts before submitting. Truth-speaking and truth-experiences are relatively new perspectives on publishing. Come to us skilled, but prepared to learn and grow in the art of creating truth-experiences.

For Your Information:

  • We don’t charge you to publish with us, but we do charge for our expended resources if you terminate your contract after we’ve begun our publishing process ($1,500 – $10,000).
  • We do promote and market you, but you are expected and required to promote yourself significantly. We can’t make you famous. But we can assist you as you put forth the effort to make yourself known.
  • We do not offer advances on royalties at this time.
  • Do not contact us to see if your submission fits or it if is ready for submission. This will not aid you in getting published or produced. Simply submit and we will tell you honestly if you are ready, and/or whether or not you fit with Kentstead.
  • We DO NOT allow our authors to choose their illustrator, or to insist upon an illustator he/she has used for the manuscript previously.

For ALL SUBMISSIONS, please give us the following:

  • your contact information (email, cell)
  • underlying moral, theme, or truth of your book/show/art
  • other specific, clearly stated truths the book/show/art inspires/teaches (up to 3)
  • two specific truths you live by every day
  • Your social media handles (IG, FB, YouTube, etc.)

For book submissions, please also include:

  • Please copy and paste the first three (3) chapters of your book into the email.

For ALL shows, videos, TV series, or short movie submissions, please also include:

  • Please copy and paste a synopsis of your show/video/TV series/movie or send us a One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox link to your “pilot”.

For ALL art submissions, please also include the following:

  • Please write at least 3 paragraphs describing the background of your piece of art (or art series), what truth inspired you to paint/draw it, and how you feel it will inspire people to live better.

We ask that you NOT use this form to contact us with questions about submissions. If your question is not answered by the information above, we encourage you to interact with us via our social media channels.

Have you Read?

If you have never read a book on writing, we STRONGLY encourage you to read at least three (3) books on the list below BEFORE submitting your manuscript for publication.

  1. The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman
  2. The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. (or any other newer addition)
  3. 78 Reasons Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why it Might by Path Walsh
  4. Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas
  5. Writing Unforgettable Characters by James Scott Bell
  6. How to Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell

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What kind of "creator" is KM looking for?

The individuals who end up creating with KM need to know the truths they stand for and how to weave them masterfully into their work. While we love all truth speakers, we require skill in creating a #truthexperience. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

What does KM mean by "truth"?

Marcel Proust said, in the Captive: “All these obligations, which have no sanction in our present life, seem to belong to a different world, a world based on kindness, scrupulousness, self-sacrifice, a world entirely different from this one and which we leave in order to be born on this earth, before perhaps returning there to live once again beneath the sway of those unknown laws which we obeyed because we bore their precepts in our hearts, not knowing whose hand had traced them there – those laws to which every profound work of the intellect brings us nearer and which are invisible only – if then! – to fools.” 

One of our heroes, C.S. Lewis, claimed there is a deeper and unchanging law underlying all human life that animates and rules us.

At Kentstead Media, our primary goal is to bring that type of truth to readers through the catalyst of media. This includes books, art, and other media as well. We see media as an avenue to dispense truth and build a relationship with God and our fellow men. All our fictional and non-fiction publishing projects, regardless of the medium/framework, are located within this quest for clear, accessible truth. When people are through interacting with the media we publish, we want them to leave that experience changed by what they’ve encountered, and able to face life strengthened and armed by new awareness of what really is. This quest for genuine spiritual threads that unite us to the universe are meant to be firmly integral to the excitement, entertainment value and fun of our media. Discovering truth is life changing, and the best art is not just artistically successful, it is also true to life and leads us towards our better selves. Finding, developing and publishing such art is our mission.

Submit your #truthexperience