We promote #truthexperiences

When you submit to any other publishing company, media company, agency, or editor, they inevitably are looking only for specific genres of books, screenplays, and shows. Kentstead Media is quite a bit different. We care about two things: 1) that you are passionate about sharing truth, and 2) that you are skilled in sharing your truths. We promote universal truths shared in experience formats. Experiences are: #readingexperiences, #watchingexperiences, and #artexperiences.

When we (and others) interact with your “experience” we should walk away uplifted, motivated, and embued with hope, and a desire to be (or try to be) our best selves.

What does that feel like? Watch one of our shows, read one of our books, and look at our art. We want to see truth shared skillfully, artfully, powerfully, and subtly (but not too subtly). We resist overt preaching, especially in fiction. However, if you have a powerful message directed at your particular religious demographic, in a self-help, inspirational, or non-fiction religous commentary, that’s okay.

We expect all who submit to be active as #truthspeakers already on websites and social media. Please be sure to have active, uplifting accounts with a minimum of 5 posts before submitting. Truth-speaking and truth-experiences are relatively new perspectives on publishing. Come to us skilled, but prepared to learn and grow in the art of creating truth-experiences.

For ALL SUBMISSIONS, please give us the following:

  • your contact information (email, cell)
  • underlying moral, theme, or truth of your experience
  • other truths the experience promotes/teaches (up to 3)
  • two truths you live by every day
  • Your social media handles (IG, FB, YouTube, etc.)

For book submissions, please also include:

  • Please copy and paste the first three (3) chapters of your book into the email.

For ALL shows, videos, TV series, or short movie submissions, please also include:

  • Please copy and paste a synopsis of your show/video/TV series/movie

For ALL art submissions, please also include the following:

  • Please write at least 3 paragraphs describing the background of your piece of art (or art series), what truth inspired you to paint/draw it, and at least 3 possible truths people may find in it.

We ask that you NOT use this form to contact us with questions about submissions. If your question is not answered by the information above, we encourage you to interact with us via our social media channels.

Submit your #truthexperience